What We Do

Seneca Strong is focused on Drug and Alcohol Prevention and Recovery, utilizing the peer outreach, and recovery support model. Recovery supports include a drop in recreation center, access to support groups and local 12 step groups. Prevention and education are provided in the community.

Seneca Strong is compassionate to the social, psychological and inter-generational traumas of our community while supporting the empowerment of family and individuals. Seneca Strong utilizes customs and practices handed down by our ancestors. We offer holistic healing through Meditation, Nature Connections, Energy Healing, and Hypnotherapy.  We also have mens and womens talking circles, as well as a Red Road to Wellbriety group. We provide peer outreach and support to help guide our people to the proper support services for treatment and continue to assist through recovery.

Our ultimate goal is to help each individual in reaching their maximum potential relating to themselves, family, friends, employment, and recovery from drugs and alcohol. We reach to help all those in need.